The history of roll die cutting machine from feida machinery

The roll die-cutting machine evolved from the die-cutting machine. At the beginning, the die-cutting machine was manual, and all of them were flat sheets of paper, and the speed was very slow. The labor loss is relatively large. Later, a sheet-fed die-cutting machine was invented, the labor loss was reduced, but the die-cutting accuracy was increased, and the speed was improved. As the market share of flexo presses continues to expand, so does the web. So the roll die cutting machine was born, which is specially used for die cutting, creasing, and embossing roll paper. The speed is improved, the precision is high, and labor is saved, which has created great benefits for the majority of paper packaging manufacturers.

Feida Machinery keeps innovating on the basis of reel die-cutting machines, such as pneumatic unwinding, platform lifting, internal circulation oil circuit, etc., and has updated many details and obtained a series of patents. Established a leadership position in this industry.

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