The working principle and safety matters of the roll die-cutting machine

Due to its characteristics, the roll die-cutting machine is relatively large in size and heavy in weight.
The most critical part of the die-cutting machine is the movement part, which is a turbine and a worm structure. The root of the entire machine life and the pressure stability during operation is the movement structure.
First of all, the tension of our web unwinding is controlled by a pneumatic clutch, and there is a barometer that we can adjust. The front rubber roller is controlled by a motor and will pull the paper roll from the unwinding position to the paper storage position. There are two photoelectric eyes below the paper storage position, which will sense the unwinding speed by detecting the high and low position of the paper, so that the unwinding speed can perfectly match the die-cutting speed. The cooperation of the servo rubber roller and the color mark at the back will ensure that the paper step error is within 0.2mm. After die-cutting, the pat paper will pat the paper stack in the collection position.

There are also certain risks in the operation of the die-cutting machine, such as the die-cutting area, the paper feeding area, and the unwinding area. Personnel should stay away. Feida mechanical die-cutting machine has a cover to protect the paper feeding area, and personnel cannot touch it. There is also radio and television detection in the die-cutting area. Once the cover of the die-cutting area is opened, the machine will alarm and stop immediately.
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