Hydraulic type double lane paper plate dish forming machine
Products Description

ML600Y type high-speed & intelligent paper plate machine adopts straight-line forming, which is paper feeding, forming and collecting in one straight line. Compared with the traditional paper plate machine, ML600Y has the advantage of stable forming, high efficiency and labor saving. ML600Y is hydraulic machine with double stations, two stations are controlled by different motors, which means two stations can work separately, realize that one machine can produce different sizes and shapes of paper plates at the same time.The machine main working principle is hydraulic system, the hydraulic system has the advantage of easy operating and stable forming. Machine uses PLC and whole processing  photoelectric tracking, machine works fully automatic,safely and intelligently, and can be directly connected to packing machine, supporting production line.

Technical Parameter

Paper Plate Size4-134-134-12
Paper Grams100-800g/m2100-800g/m2100-800g/m2
Paper MaterialsOrigin paper, whiteboard paper, white cardboard, craft paper aluminum foil paper or othersBase paper, whiteboard paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil paper or others      
Base paper, whiteboard paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil paper or others
CapacityDouble Stations 40-110pcs/minDouble Stations 50-120pcs/min Double Stations 40-100pcs/min
Power Requirements380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ
Total Power8KW8KW8KW
Air Supply Requirement0.4Mpa, 0.3cube/min0.4Mpa, 0.3cube/min0.4Mpa, 0.3cube/min
Other NotesCustomizeCustomizeCustomize
Oil CylinderML-80-150-5T-XML-80-150-5T-XML-80-150-5T-X
Cylinder Stroke150mm150mm150mm

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Q1:Are your company a manufacturer or trading company?
We are professional manufacturer of paper plate machine with more than ten years machinery experience in Ruian, China.

Q2:Where is your factory? How can I get there?    
Our factory is located in wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It takes about three and  a half hours by train from Shanghai to our city. all of our customers can take the flight to wenzhou international airport first, and then we can send a car to pick up you.

Q3:How can I get the samples?
We can supply some free samples. Besides, the express charges will be paid in your side.

Q4:Before inquiry, what information should I provide?
1.Paper plate size, such as diameter, depth, length,width etc.
2.Paper GSM, so that I can recommend our machine to you better.

PS: After forming, the size will reduce a little bit.

Q5:How can you guarantee quality?
Defined production process is the base of high quality. QC team check all items before shipping.